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This is the place! where I can talk about FOOD that I am going to create. T.C.B.F. For my love one’s there is over 365 X 4 recipes that I can BUY!!!
They all so give you free recipes like spending the day with Aubrey where who create perfect dishes. Unique Breakfast T.C.B.B. Lunches T.C.B.L, Dinner T.C.B.D, & T.C.B.N.S night snacks for you.
Remember there is 365 day’s in a year, and i could have something different everyday to eat, It take’s out the boring way of life. I can finely look forward to my
day. There is a abundance of foods too create! and he let’s us know how we can do the same.

Good Food’s

Your Restaurant

This is where you eat and what you create burst with flavour’s.

Internet Food Network

Homemade Food

This is where you invite Family & Friends to spend the day with you. OR the Woman of your Dreams. To inspired them to created wonderful dishes. remember you are chef!!.

Food Network

Internet Food Network

Aubrey’s Special ( $ 35.00)
Crown Royal Coffee
Butter Fiy Prawns in special garlic sauce

Chef special soup ( $ 36.00 )
A blend of veggies sweet potato & split peas
with shrimp & garlic bread

Roasted Leg of Lamb ($ $260.00 )
New Zealand Spring lamb 8lb , melt in your mouth meat so good it will bring back memories.
with Zucchini,Yellow peppers, Red peppers, in a special sauce, Scalloped potatoes served with world’s best garlic bread.

Two bottle of red wine or two bottle white or one of each.
or soft drinks of your choice.

Aubrey’s favorite desert’s (97.00)
One whole Cheeses cake top with 4 different types of berries that burst in flavour.
or One whole Apple pie top with rum ice cream.

The perfect cup Coffee , or Tea of 12 different flavour.


I spent a wonderful day at the creator of this site .He is a wonderfui person,who love people from all over earth. As a special guest he though me how to open my own special Restaurant. where I go in someone place and prepare there Foods for them for the week breakfast, lunch, dinner. where I get paid $ 500.00 a day 5 days week, that is $2'500.00 a week And 4 weeks = one month = $ 10'000.00 all I work is 6 hours a day. when it comes to being a professional he knows all about it. Go in and get the JOB down .
Food Network
Internet Food Network

Food Network

Internet Food Network

Set your recipes and prepare 24 hours before. And go create, it easy everyone 19 to 65 years of age know . Coaches are available Book 3 day’s ahead by phone,
whatsapp Call or Text 604-348-9237 for long distance / local Call 604-553-9600
$ 35.00 an hour / to $ 297.00 an hour.


Breakfast Club
Aubrey’s T.C.B.B.
Special Coffee
The KFC Big breakfast that fit for King’s.
& much more


Lunch Club
Aubrey’s T.C.B.L.
Special soft drink
12”long 3” tick corn beef sandwiches with cheeses melt’s when you eat it.
& much more


Dinner Club
Aubrey’s T.C.B.D.
Special wine’s/coffee/soft drink/tea
Your choices, Sea Food / that help you remember how good it is.
Deserts / that make you want live
again .
& much more

Food Network

Internet Food Network

This Country Best Food’s
This Country Best Breakfast
This Country Best Lunch
This Country Best Diinner

Food Network

Internet Food Network

Internet Food Network
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Mon - Sat: 10AM - 11PM

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